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Blockade ноцицептивных ways leads to itch disappearance, except that, painful points coincide with itch points. This sensation can be caused an intraskin injection гистамина which carry to алгогенам, i.e. to the substances causing a pain. The intestinal phase of secretion begins at transition of a chemical moustache from a stomach in intestines. The chemical moustache influences on hemo - osmo - механорецепторы intestines and is reflex changes intensity of gastric secretion. Depending on degree of hydrolysis of food substances, in a stomach the signals raising gastric secretion or, on the contrary, the braking arrive. Stimulation is carried out at the expense of local and central reflexes and realised through a wandering nerve, внутриорганную nervous system and гуморальные factors (allocation гастрина by G-cages of a duodenal gut). This phase is characterised by the long latent period, the big duration. Acidity of gastric juice during this period the low. Braking of gastric secretion occurs at the expense of allocation секретина, ХЦКПЗ which oppress secretion of hydrochloric acid, but strengthen secretion пепсиногенов. Reduce production of hydrochloric acid also глюкагон, ЖИП, ВИП, нейротензин, соматостатин, серотонин, бульбогастрон, products of hydrolysis of fat. passes in thermal energy, and the matter organisation. The thermoregulation centres