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Anabolism is a set of processes of biosynthesis of organic substances (components of a cage and other structures of bodies and fabrics). It provides growth, development, updating of biological structures, and also energy accumulation (synthesis макроэргов). Anabolism consists in chemical updating and reorganisation of molecules arriving with food in other more difficult biological molecules. For example, inclusion of amino acids in fibers synthesised by a cage according to the instruction containing in a genetic material of the given cage. The nervous system regulates haemodynamics of a kidney, work юкстагломерулярного the device, and also a filtration, реабсорбцию and secretion. The irritation of sympathetic nerves, иннервирующих a kidney which are mainly branches чревных nerves, leads to narrowing of its blood vessels. At narrowing bringing артериол filtrational pressure and a filtration decrease. Narrowing taking out артериол is accompanied by increase of filtrational pressure and filtration growth. Stimulation sympathetic эфферентных fibres leads to increase реабсорбции sodium, water. The irritation of the parasympathetic fibres going as a part of wandering nerves, causes strengthening реабсорбции glucose and secretions of organic acids. bentyl 2.средства peripheral action.