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The receptors perceiving a touch, are the little bodies of Mejsnera located in deep сосочковом a layer of a skin, and also the free terminations of the nervous fibres localised along small vessels, and the thin nervous fibres braiding a hair bag (on sites of a skin with a scalp). Little bodies of Mejsnera concern to быстроадаптирующимся to receptors. The considerable quantity of such receptors settles down on the open sites of a body which are taking part in knowledge of an external world: finger-tips of hands, ладонные brush surfaces, a tip of language, a sole of feet, a lower lip border. It allocates seven basic, or primary, smells: The sensation of depth of space is provided with binocular sight. At the person with normal sight at examining of a subject by two eyes the image gets on symmetric (identical) points of a retina, and корковый the analyzer department unites it in a single whole, giving one image. If the image gets on not identical, or диспаратные, points of two retinas the image forks. At pressing approximately sideways starts to fork in eyes as conformity of retinas was broke. The otolitovyj device предверия perceives rectilinear movement, acceleration or delay, a ducking and bodies aside, and also jolting and rolling.



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